As your partner for highly complex sealing solutions, we offer you cutting-edge design and simulation technology:
In addition to the visual inspection of your future component using CAD, our experts also test the installation/deformation behaviour and can use filling and fluid simulations to predivt the injection processes and flow behaviour in advance. We have comprehensive test methods that ensure the performance under extreme conditions before the process is released.
Material Development
All components from a single source: The Meteor promise! Our team of various experts is there to support you and guarantee is to offer the right sealing solution for your problem.
Sponge Rubber
We have more than three thousand recipes, therefore we can offer you an exactly matching mixture for every project. We work conjointly with certified raw material suppliers.
These recipes are produced in our mixing plant, where they are constantly improved and upgraded to meet new requirements. Thanks to the many years of experience of our experts, we can find the best material for your application. Thanks to modern technology, we can trace our production back to the mixing room and thus prevent errors and problems right from the start.
We are well-known for speed, quality and expertise when it comes to tools:
From the design and manufacturing of the tool to the production of sealing profiles with the tool, we can map every step of the process.
After testing and sampling of the rubber profiles, changes can still be made to the mold at any time. This allows us to offer you a high degree of adaptability and flexibility.
For our extrusion process we use all common vulcanization processes and work with the latest technology.
Our multiple extrusion lines meet all your requirements: whether soft or sponge rubber, mono or duplex profiles, with or without inserts - we can produce the right profile for you. With our extrusion lines a maximum throughput of 300 kg/hour is possible. We will be happy to consult you on feasibility, customization and manufacturing possibilities!
Last but not least, there are various possibilities to further refine or customise the profiles:
Online Finishing
The application of different surface coatings, such as slip coat, flock or self-adhesive films, is possible to be produced on-line i.e. directly in the extrusion process.
Offline Finishing
The seals are finished according to your wishes: Cutting to a fixed length, glueing to a ring or joining to a frame are just some of our many possibilities.
Do you have any questions?
We are happy to help you!