Design and Function
The optimal use of different elastomer types such as EPDM, CR or NBR is precisely matched to your requirements by our experts, from our own mixing department to finishing, and thus always offers new material possibilities combined with functionality and aesthetics.
Building Industry
As a partner for your individual building project, we offer you first-class sealing solutions: Whether as a safety profile with stranded copper wire , refined with anti-friction coating or applied with adesive tape. Both mono and duplex profiles are available to suit your specific application
Gates & Doors
A co-extrusion of soft sponge rubber in the sealing area and hard rubber in the mounting area ensures the ideal solution with regard to the closing forces of the door and the secure hold of our seals for safety edges, floor and central gaskets.
Facades & Windows
Surface coatings are used on our high-quality centre and glazing seals to minimise friction, as an installation aid or also as protection against freezing. Direct conversion to a frame is possible with almost every seal.
We have materials that meet the requirements of DIN 7863 and EN 12365. Furthermore, they are resistant to Macrolon (Plexiglas) and tested according to Röhm. Our seals in the glazing area are incredibly dimensionally stable and durable, whether black or black on white.
As a competent partner in the mobility sector, we not only contribute significantly to the comfort of travellers, but also protect them from environmental and industrial influences such as dust, heat or lubricating oils in direct applications. Thanks to our own compound development, we can respond to individual requirements.
Train / Tram / Public Transport
In our own mixing plant, we have formulated compounds in accordance with fire protection standard EN 45545. This applies to all sealing solutions for door systems, obstruction sensors and also window frames.
For the rear portal or partition wall seals, we have peroxide cross-linked LCM profiles with durable sliding coating systems at our disposal. They can be made into a frame or cut to fixed lengths with cut-outs or bore-holes according to your specifications.
Our wide range of simulation capabilities, combined with our extensive knowledge of reinforcing inserts, adhesives, sealants and surface coatings, form the basis for an optimal seal to protect against environmental influences such as dust, moisture or strong temperature fluctuations.
Caravans & Motorhomes
Thanks to our wide range of options regarding carriers, adhesives and sealing materials or surface coatings, we will also find the optimum solution for your application. By using filaments in profiles as stretch protection for ease of assembly.
Packaging fulfils a wide variety of tasks: Dosing, Ease of use and fore most, long lasting protection
We offer you round cord profile rings or fixed lengths for your packaging needs. Our portfolio includes various bonding options such as soft or butt bonding as well as various Shore hardnesses of the profiles.
Suitcase seals
Coextrusion is state of the art for us. With a soft sponge rubber area (sealing area) and a hard-soft coloured rubber area, the ideal solution guarantees a secure hold of the seal with regard to low closing forces.
Environmental technology
We work as environmentally friendly as possible. In doing so, we not only protect the environment as such but also the environmental technologies from external influences such as UV radiation, temperature fluctuations or industrial influences such as oils and greases.
Wind Energy
Not only on land, but also offshore, our sealings are used in various areas of wind turbines. Accordingly, we offer gondola and generator seals that are resistant to ozone, climatic conditions or oil.
In addition to ozone, UV and temperature resistance, the seals used must guarantee high durability. For this purpose, we use various self-adhesive foils that make assembly much easier.
Heating & Air-Conditioning
We offer complex sealing solutions that can withstand high-temperature fluctuations without affecting the efficiency of the installed components. By using strands in the profile as stretch protection, we can support your employees in the assembly process with the precise installation of the sealing.
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More sealing solutions
As a long-standing system partner to the automotive industry, Meteor is responsible for the development and production of high-performance sealing systems. In doing so, we rely on internal and external rapid tooling tools, the latest CAD techniques and FEM simulations.
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We have over a thousand of mixture recipes, we can therefore offer you an exact to your specification. We work closely with certified raw material suppliers.
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